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  • Do I need to already be located in the UAE?
    No. We are seeking teams from across the MENA region. Teams in the UAE or elsewhere are all welcome to apply.
  • Do I need a VISA for Dubai?
    Citizens of most countries coming to the UAE will receive a VISA on arrival. Should you need a supporting letter we will issue one to you.
  • I am a citizen of a country in the region, but currently do not live there. Can I still participate?
    We are looking for ventures that can grow in the region. Teams may be global in the future, but we will give priority to ventures that will focus on the market or resources of the region.
  • Will the workshops and mentoring be in English?
    Yes. All workshops will be in English. Mentoring will generally be in English, unless you happen to be matched with a speaker of a mutual language
  • Do I need to know English to attend?
    Yes, as all instruction and discussion will be in English, a good understanding of the language is required.
  • Where will we stay during the workshops?
    If you are not located in Dubai, discounted hotel rooms will be provided at the Radisson hotel, and several hotels and airBNBs are located in the vicinity of DSO. The program does not cover room and board however.
  • Do we need to stay in Dubai for the entire period?
    Teams are required to be present for each workshop and during the month of January to work with interns.
  • Do I need to be in-person for all of the workshop dates?
    Yes. We require in-person attendance by the core co-founders of the startup.
  • We are a team of 3 founders, but only 2 can take part in-person. Can we still join the program?
    Maybe. We can review the possibility of the majority of co-founders attending, as long as key decisions can be made by the team.
  • Can we already have funding?
    Yes, you can have funding for your startup already, however, we usually don't work with startups who are already beyond a seed stage.
  • Do I need a team / co-founders?
    Yes. All applications must have teams with at least 2 co-founders.
  • Do I need a "technical co-founder"?
    We expect your team to have the people necessary to get your venture launched. If you require technical expertise and leadership then this would be someone who is already on your team.
  • Are there any ideas that will not be accepted?
    In general, we are open to most ideas that suit the theme of the accelerator. However, we are not ideally suited for fintech, cybersecurity or biotech specific ventures.
  • Will there be an opportunity to come to MIT?
    There is no official trip to MIT, but we would be happy to welcome you on campus!
  • Who will be mentors?
    Mentors will include a diverse group of successful startup founders, venture leaders, business strategists, and subject experts. Many mentors will be MIT alumni, both in the region and from around the world.
  • Who is eligible to apply?
    Any team of at least 2 people working on a startup related to theme of the accelerator.
  • Will I get an academic certificate from MIT?
    No. The workshop does not provide an MIT professional education certificate or any academic certificate. However, we do provide a certificate of participation in the MITdesignX MDXB accelerator
  • Do startups receive funding from the program, MIT, DIEZ or other?
    No funding is provided by the program, although some in-kind services and workspace are provided by DIEZ-Dubai Silicon Oasis, also throughout the program you will be matched with venture funds
  • Can I participate in another accelerator or incubator program at the same time?
    No. We find that when startups participate in multiple programs they are unable to fulfill the needs of either. Participation in other mentorship groups is possible, but coordination amongst mentor is recommended.
  • Can co-founders on a team come from different countries?
    Yes, of course. We believe diversity strengthens a team.
  • Can I apply with more than one startup?
    No. individuals cannot apply with multiple teams. You must be dedicated to only one idea and team.
  • Can an existing company apply with an idea for a spin-off, or new product line?
    In general, we are looking for new startups, however we have had good experience with intrapreneurs within a company. Please reach out to us.
  • Does MIT, DIEZ, GGH, or Silicon Oasis claim any IP or take any equity?
    No equity stake, and no claim to IP is made by the organizers and sponsors of the MDXB accelerator. All ideas and ownership remains with the co-founders.
  • Will MIT, DIEZ, GGH, or Silicon Oasis sign an NDA with my startup?
    No. We do not take any claims to IP, but do not sign NDA's with startups.
  • Will preference be given to any particular country of origin?
  • Can a non-profit startup apply?
    Yes, non-profits and for-profits are equal in our belief. As long as you can scale and create impact, we want to hear from you.
  • Do I need to be incorporated as a business?
    No. Your business does not need to be incoporated. However a business entity might be needed for establishing pilots, and will be required for funding.
  • Do I have to have funding already?
    No prior funding is required. We work with startups from idea to revenue stages.
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